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  Sunny Angel is a painting material brand independently developed by Shanghai Guoyun Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2001. Committed to providing safe, non-toxic, creative, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective painting supplies, let children enjoy the use process and stimulate their wild creativity. At present its products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions.
  Founded in 1996, Shanghai Guoyun Industrial Co., Ltd. has two fully automated, children's cosmetics-grade production workshop buildings, one office building and one R & D center, covering a total area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters. Global new makeup filling lines, with a single annual output of more than 200 million. The company has an international advanced research and development team, constantly integrating ideas and quality resources from all over the world, and constantly developing high-quality creative brushes. The company always adheres to the concept of "quality-safety-environmental protection" and has an industry-leading dust-free workshop, which is integrated into every detail of painting materials. The company passed the ISO9001: 2008 certification in 2008, the US PAHS and GMPC certification in 2013, and the EU BSCI and GSV certification in 2014, allowing children around the world to enjoy the quality brought by the profession.
  In 2000, under the guidance of Shanghai education expert Teacher Li Weiyi, the first sunshine angel plastic crayon was developed, which solved the problems of using art sticks in early childhood art education, such as dirty oil sticks, traditional crayon colors that are too pale and easy to break. It has filled the market gap and has been the first choice of preschool art in Shanghai for many years.
Colorful stick is a children's art product independently developed by the company in 2005. It has the transparency of watercolor painting, hard texture and delicate color. Dazzle Stick has passed a series of cosmetic-grade chemical tests and passed the EU skin contact test for infants aged 0-3 (the standard is less than 1/50 of the cosmetic test content, and PAHS is less than 0.2 mg). This product uses a double screw structure to achieve the maximum refill capacity, and registered a new appearance in 2010. Products meet US and EU cosmetic standards.
  In 2012, the company produced face pencils for fans of the European Cup for the German LIDL supermarket. The products comply with European international safety standards. In the same year, developed water-soluble color sticks for hair coloring, and received orders from the Americas.
  In 2018, a water-soluble rhyme pen was developed. This innovation brought about a revolution in pigments. It has the delicateness of oil painting sticks and clean crayons. At the same time, it can meet your different needs for line drawing in the process of painting, breaking the shackles of traditional painting thinking, and creating a new painting mode.
  The company actively supports the development of children's art education. Chairman Ni Junhao came to the front line to communicate with the kindergarten teacher and principal, collected the children's different needs, and developed more suitable brushes for children. Since 2015, the company has held a charity "Sunshine Angel" cup painting contest every year, giving children who love painting a platform to show themselves. During the annual competition, the average daily number of participants reaches 100,000. The company is planning to build a children's art museum for children. Children can visit the entire process from production to completion in the museum. In the museum's experience room, children can break free of tradition and play their creative ideas. Create their own work.
  "Sunny" is no longer a traditional manufacturing brand, but a "creative brand". Innovation, as the core of the company, has been integrated into all areas of "Sunshine Angel", including product research and development, marketing innovation, brand promotion, management operation, manufacturing technology ... Sunshine Angel has established a unique competitive advantage in the industry, and is committed to Become the leading brand of Chinese children's drawing materials industry.
  Always follow its original intention: our painting materials, like the sunshine, take care of each child's interest in painting; our painting materials, like angels, accompany children who love painting and grow up with their painter dreams.

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